Water Conservation (Floating Cover), Bahía Blanca

Year: 2001

Area: 14,500m2

Waterproofing, Floating Roof

Geomembrana HDPE/LLDPE

Duration: 45 Days

Floating Cover for Water Quality Conservation


  • A multinational company, with its industrial plant located in the Petrochemical Pole of Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires. It uses raw water that comes from the river, to supply and daily operation of the plant, the constant and stable supply of water is very important for its operation. You already have a water reservoir built, waterproofed with HDPE Geomembrane.


  • The water reservoir built and waterproofed with HDPE Geomembrane, is outdoors, and is subject to the effect of evaporation, and contamination by aquatic birds. You need a solution for water maintenance, in quality and quantity.


  • To preserve the quality and avoid the evaporation of stored raw water, it was proposed to install a Floating Cover with EMPTY BASIN taking advantage of a programmed shutdown of the factory, using 2.0 mm Geommebrana LLDPE and its respective accessories.


  • The floating cover was installed successfully, the client has it working until today (February, 2019).

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